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BPP Case Studies

Powerback Rehab

Lasko Products

Dallas County, TX
Business Personal Property
2018 Tax Savings – $26,241.74

The client contacted us about the BPP account for a Rehab Center in Richardson, TX. The appraisal district would not accept the rendered value submitted by the client.

The client contacted us to help negotiate with the appraisal district and get the district to accept the rendered value. This high notified value had been rolled over multiple years, as the appraisal district would not accept the client documentation as valid. We were able to resolve the issue with clear communication with both client and appraisal district as to what was needed.

The documentation that we received from the client was passed on to the district and carefully explained. We were able to show the information the client had provided was correct, and the taxing jurisdiction simply did not understand the correlation of the internal accounting records to the actual value of the property. Our client realized a total tax savings of $26,242 for the year. The new settled value will also will help with the client paying lesser taxes in the future.

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