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The price of doing business should not include improper valuation of Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property Tax

Business Personal Property and inventory may seem black and white, but when it comes to appraisal and assessment, value is only an opinion. Each state and county that taxes BPP has different rules, deadlines, depreciation and exceptions. Filing incorrectly leads to fines, penalties and interest.

Our approach is client centric.  We work with each taxing jurisdiction to create the most accurate and favorable assessment possible for you. We do not cherry pick assessments to serve only those who create the largest returns. We will appeal your value if it’s out of line, and we will fight for an accurate assessment.

All work is personalized and done in-house, NOT outsourced or left up to canned computer calculations. We pride ourselves in knowing you and your business. With Quatro Tax, you can always talk to those who have real time knowledge of your assets and tax returns.

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We take your tax concerns very seriously. Begin learning how we can save your properties money by contacting one of our Business Personal Property tax advisors.

Kasey Holtz


Quatro Tax LLC manages over $700 million in Business Personal Property values. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, we are experts in maintaining low values on these assets for our clients.

Business Personal Property Services:

Thousands in Savings

Powerback Rehab

Dallas County, TX Business Personal Property 2018 Tax Savings – $26,241.74. The client contacted us about the BPP account for a Rehab Center in Richardson, TX. The appraisal district would not accept the rendered value submitted by the client.

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